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Wireless Charging PMA Case
Power Matters Alliance (PMA) Wireless Charging Cover

for Nokia Lumia 1520

Give your Nokia Lumia 1520 a full charge using Incipio’s PMA Wireless Charging Case. Conveniently provide power to your device wirelessly using any PMA certified base. The PMA Wireless Charging Case is a sleek and slim solution that snaps on and provides everyday protection to your device while enabling you to power up without the need for cables.

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PMA Wireless Charging Case for Nokia Lumia 1520 Features
  • Enables wireless charging when used with any PMA Wireless charging base including Duracell Powermat’s charging mat (sold separately)
  • Certified by Power Matters Alliance
  • Part of a growing wireless charging ecosystem
  • Quick and easy to install snap on design

    High density, ultra slim Plextonium™ shell provides lightweight protection

    Charging contacts connect to the device, leaving Micro USB port open
  • Measurements
  • Length: 6.38 in (162.05 mm)
  • Width: 3.4 in (86.36 mm)
  • Depth: 0.54 in (13.72 mm)
  • Weight: 1.78 oz
Warranty One Year

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5 / 5 stars
I got the Incipio charging plate for my Nokia Lumia 1520 (which happens to be white), so hoped for a white plate. But, the black actually helps me see the buttons better! It is a awesome case! I got the single PowerMat charging plate to go with it. I love the "ziiing" it makes to let me know I have set it on properly. Plus, Wow! Customer service at Incipio is awesome!!! I ran into a problem with the first case I got, a bit of the plastic was broke, and they immediately shipped me a new one!!! Wowee!! Love them. Love it. Note: I came from a Nokia Lumia 920, with the built in charger and had a different system, but this works just as flawlessly now that I have the two components. And the Incipio case is really low profile. I got myself some new cases that the device just slides into. Couldn't be happier with the switch.
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5 / 5 stars
I have the glossy red 1520 which is super thin and slick and I always felt like I was going to drop it. This case gives the phone a very nice feel and adds some grip. It also makes the buttons on the phone much easier to find. I was having trouble feeling them with the new button design. The holes over the button areas guide your fingers right where they need to be just by feeling and are easy to push as well. I was heavily invested with the Nokia Qi charging products since my previous phone was a 920 with built in charging. I must say other than the pain of having to reinvest in the Duracell Powermat chargers I really like the new charging plates. Overall this is a great case for something lightweight with some added protection and charging capability for your phone. This is definitely not a rough duty case but it looks like it will hold up fine for light to medium bumps. I'm happy with the purchase and ordered my girlfriend one for her phone as well.